PROJECT – Xtreme Sports

Project Date: 2003, December

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  • Photoshop
  • Flash

Project Role

  • Design
DESCRIPTION: Xtreme Sports was a group project in my last semester of college. This taught us to simulate the working experience with others. We created internal management in order to delegate work between the members of the team and created a final production piece that looked phenomenal and cohesive.
Project Guidelines
  • Choose any subject matter to create an informative website.
  • Set-up a management structure to determine who will oversee work.
  • Build out a flowchart for subject matter.
  • Build out webite and add DHTML elements.
Site Requirements
Meta Tags, Server Side Includes, Rollover Images (Javascript), Flash, Audio, some type of interesting element.
Technical Requirements
Canvas Size = 800x600, RGB color mode, 72 dpi, Web safe color (or colormix combos) except for photos

A small team of three people grouped together to create this project. We each had certain duties tequiring collaboration. The team leader's role was to compile all graphic work and table data into a whole interactive website. Another student created the "News" section and developed the site architecture(flowchart, outline) and the idea of the project. I created graphic assets such as the Flash introduction of the website, rolling flash images on sublevel pages, a portion of the top banner of the page and some sub-level text based pages and the coordination of our team members in the communication of the project via E-mail.

Additional Screenshots
What's On The Reading List
Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web (Voices That Matter)

By Tim Kadlec
ISBN: 978-0321821683