A little about me

A little about me . . .
I would like to make a small part of the world a little dynamic

Hi, my name is Amy Grogan, and I am a web designer/developer in the Boston, MA area. I specialize in creating web user interfaces. My special talents in web design are to create memorable sites or interactive projects with eye catching graphics, but always an interface designed with users and simplicity in mind.

When it comes to creating website projects, information architecture is a key value component. Organizing lots of information before the design process gets under way is always an important task. Correlating any data given and displaying it in a visual manner into wire-frames is a complementary skill to my graphic design/developer background and for establishing the foundation of any website.

My process is to create timelines for personal deadlines. I make these to ensure tasks are met on time. Often I build out projects using rough sketches as a prototype design before diving into full production work on the computer as this can be a time consuming process.

Most of these skill sets I gained throughout my college experience or learned about through industry events I have attended. I graduated from the New England Institute of Art in Boston, MA in 2003 with a study in Multimedia & Web Design. My last semester I interned with a company called SIM (Screen Images Multimedia) where I learned from and assisted with working on government correctional facility websites. After successfully completing my internship, I was asked to participate in two follow-up projects at SIM as freelance opportunities.

After SIM I was employed with the American Journal of Transportation. I came in as their in-house web developer and graphic designer. With this position I took on many projects. I re-designed the company website, incorporated best practices with search engine optimization techniques, added e-commerce functionality, created display ads for both print and web and much more. I had a great opportunity being able to work on so many projects independently and learning new skill sets with on the job experience. I brought my abilities, and modernized a newspaper that has existed for over 75 years. By doing so, I maximized and created new earning opportunities for the American Journal of Transportation.

I enjoy the opportunity to participate in a lot of web industry events throughout the year and am honored to be an assistant organizer to two Boston based users groups. These types of events provide me with many industry contacts and keep me current on the ever changing state of the web industry.

As a web designer I am constantly looking for new ideas to make design and functionality of websites unique. I am always looking to learn and expand my skill-sets within this field for fresh new ideas to promote a company.

You can view my portfolio work at www.amygrogan.com

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