PROJECT – Logo Concepts

Project Date: 2013, October

DESCRIPTION: I was requested to sketch a few design comps for a logo for the business I was working for.

These were a handful of design ideas for re-branding a corporate logo. This was a creative springboard to provide inspiration for the design department to begin a conversation with the stakeholders to acquire concrete ideas on what they were expecting the company brand to look like.

*current logo.

Unfortunately I was not able to complete this set of work with a final illustration because my employment ended prior to the the project being officially launched.

However, this is to showcase my thought process when I begin a project similar to this. I generally start to keyword in order to generate ideas before I start sketching. Even though these compositions are rough, this is generally the first phase.

At a point there is a consensus for which ones are liked more over others to iterate a more detailed and polished logo.

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Project Role

  • Design