PROJECT – Interactive DVD-ROM

Project Date: 2011, October

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  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • Acrobat
  • Dreamweaver

Project Role

  • Designer
  • Flash AS Program
DESCRIPTION: Before the ePub became a popular format, the American Journal of Transportation relied on the interactive DVD/CD ROM for the distribution of back issues of most publications. The American Journal of Transportation wanted a convenient way to distribute and share its publication at industry events.

I was given the task to figure out how to distribute their past years volumes of issues into a product that could be sold. This would also provide a nicely wrapped up marketing piece rather than be limited to carrying hard copies of a particular issue at industry events. The solution was to distribute on CD format.

For every interactive CD each interactive page listed all "special feature" articles written by the editorial staff on one panel and in another side panel scrolled through press releases that appeared in that issue a user was looking at so it could easily be scanned through to know what could be found in each issue before opening up the actual PDF of the document.

Project Information:
This product was created using Adobe Flash MX using AS2 to create the two navigation elements. XML files were also used to pull in and process all the "special feature" articles.

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