PROJECT – Flash Animation - The Chase

Project Date: 2003, May



  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash MX

Project Role

  • Designer
DESCRIPTION: This was a college animation project. I created a character and developed a storyline to be animated with Adobe Flash. The idea of this project was to convey a story without relying on text and to create a universal theme so any observer would gain understanding by simply viewing the animation. This might be something that would be intended to either on CD-ROM or online.

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For this project I was given instructions to create a one-minute or minute and a-half animation. This has two main characters that play against each other. One character is a chipmunk and the other a squirrel located possible in a park setting. These two character chase each other throughout trying to capture a nut that has fallen from a nearby tree. At the end of the short the squirrel captures the treasured prize it gets and brings it into its burrow. The chipmunk chases the squirrel into its burrow and is astonished that the whole place is decked out with nuts that it has been harvesting.

The idea was to create a main character of a squirrel and a chipmunk whom are chasing after the same thing but end up getting over a fight to gain what each want. At the beginning stages of this project a set up three profiles of each character within Flash and imported parts of the character into Flash's library files to animate its body to move around. My learning lesson for this project was in timing the characters.