PROJECT – Nanci's Barbershop

Project Date: 2010, December

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  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver (PHP/MySQL)
  • Flash AS3
  • CSS Sprites

Project Role

  • Designer
  • Programmer
DESCRIPTION: This website is for a local business in Braintree, MA called Nanci's Barbershop. It is still a work in development. This project required the use of programming in PHP/MySQL and incorporating Flash AS3 elements. In 2010 I attended the New England Institutes of Art (NEiA). In this course we created a final project from the skills learned in these classes. I created a website for this company in my area.

I created the front-end of the site and a content management system to satisfy requirements. The website's dynamic content can be updated for easy maintenance. Designing the front-end of the website came easily, but to build out the database was a completely different experience. Structuring it to do certain functions took a bit of time as a lot of these concepts were very new to me. Deciding how to create the back-end CMS was a new challenge, but I was able to complete, in the allotted time, three months, a complete website.

This included
  • a front-end design concept
  • a back-end design to build out the CMS
  • a database design
  • Flash elements that are controlled with PHP/MySQL using XML
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