PROJECT – UnionStudio Yoga

Project Date: 2008, June

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  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver

Project Role

  • Designer
  • Developer
DESCRIPTION: This site was created for a yoga studio in Andover, MA. The client wanted to post upcoming schedules on classes/workshops as well as important announcements to their customer base. This company is also involved with a lot of local charitable work and wanted a way to share both their philosophy and values through some of their commuinty events.

UnionStudio Yoga essentially started out as a basic static website that eventually grew as more content began coming in. My primary involvement is to create the look and feel of their online presence. Maintenance for the website is done on a quarterly basis using photos and text copy provided by the client.

As the site grew, there became a need for an e-commerce solution. So a basic purchase page of services was created using Authorize.NET simple button checkout process. This has allowed the client to receive payments for specialty workshops in advance.

Additional Screenshots