Colliers International | Boston
160 Federal Street, 11th Floor
Boston MA 02110

May 20, 2020

Amy and I worked together at Colliers for 4 years, where we collaborated on multiple projects. As the sole web designer for our company, she created custom branded websites for our team’s real estate listings. Curious and engaged in new elements of web design, Amy would test out exciting features on our websites and share articles of interest that would benefit the team at large. Amy would be an asset to any team looking for an inquisitive and detailed mind.

Maggie Collins - Senior Marketing Specialist

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BostonPHP Meetup / NortheastPHP

May 7, 2013

Amy is an outstanding designer with excellent technical skills, and very good listening skills. In my working with Amy, I have come to admire her patience, and desire to excel at her craft.

She is well versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as PHP. She's been coming to Boston PHP for years. She just started helping one day, and soon after, we made it official. Amy handles many behind the scene duties to keep the organization going. She also volunteers with Northeast PHP.

When meeting her about design needs, she gets to the core of what is unique about your brand, vision, etc... She really puts a lot of thought into her designs. It always amazes me.

I tell her every time I see her... "How do you do it? How can you draw so well? It's like magic!" She thinks nothing of it.

If you get a chance to talk to Amy, please tell her I said hello.

Michael P. Bourque
Director of Boston PHP, Northeast PHP, & The Reverse Startup Foundation

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American Journal of Transportation | AJOT
1354 Hancock Street, Suite 300
Quincy, MA 02169

October 17, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Amy Grogan has been my employee for the last six years as our production assistant and has shown to be an exemplary employee.

She has handled her job deftly and has been timely and attentive to all details. Amy's computer and system skills have helped our organization grow its electronic profile in our marketplace, exponentially.

She also has grown her job skills in other areas of our company and is multi-talented.

I would highly recommend her to any employer and know that she will prove to be a valued asset.

I am available at any time to discuss these issues, kind regards!

William Bourbon
Publisher, American Journal of Transportation
Mobile Number: 617-283-1680

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500 Grossman Drive
Braintree, MA 02184

June 7, 2003

To whom it may concern:

Amy Grogan has been a valuable associate for CompUSA for the past five years working in the ever changing technology field of computers. I have seen her grow with the company working in diverse positions up to the point of becoming a sales associate. She possesses great customer service skills and is always willing to help customers and other co-workers with tasks that arise, even if they go beyond the scope of her position.

Amy uses her skills and experiences to assist customers in a pleasant and professional manner, and she is rarely without a smile. As an employee, her duties often require her to take on two roles. One role is that of a certified product specialist in selling computer upgrades. She is constantly learning new trends in the market at a fast pace. Her second role with the company is working with our computer service repair center as their service writer. In her role as a service writer she ensures that all documentation reported is precise and detailed in her reports which are prepared for our technicians.

Amy is a thoughtful and dedicated individual and I highly recommend her for any job position to which she applies for. I am sure Amy will be a welcome and productive addition to any organization.

Leo DiBenedetto
Sales Manager

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500 Grossman Drive
Braintree, MA 02184

June 4, 2003

To whom it may concern:

Amy Grogan has been an employee for CompUSA since May of 1998. Her position required her to assist in computer upgrade sales in selling computer hardware. She also assists our technical service department who repairs computers as a service writer.

She is very punctual and professional at all times and also quickly adapts to changes with new procedures and services we offer. Amy also has excellent knowledge on new products as soon as they come out onto the market. She is also very patient when it comes to listening to customer needs and provides outstanding customer service skills.

Amy also takes on additional responsibilities whenever asked and volunteers whenever she sees an oppottunity to help. She works extremely well with others and has been a pleasure to work with. I feel very confident that she will do well in whatever job position she attains.

Patrick Sopp
Operations Manager

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