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Web Influencers – Developers + Designers

In my career like many, I follow quite a lot of well known people in the same field who are developers or designers who are quite well versed in their knowledge as well content-creators. Have come to follow them on some online learning platforms like LinkedIn, Behance, Udemy or through FreeCodeCamp. Most I have initially found through YouTube, these are just a few of the top 6 in each category that are worth noting.

Marketing SEO

Understanding your audience!

It’s rather interesting that recently a social media influencer would take to reading a small tiny lil post I created and share it with their audience in secret. To be honest I was a little taken aback to hear about it myself when a member who is part of their exclusive community felt the need to reach out to share this little nugget of knowledge with me since we see each others @handles often in other areas. First, I thought it was interesting but second, it is not quite the first time this has happened to me either.


Where is content creation going?

Colin & Samir who specialize in following and reporting on content creators covered some really interesting information of where the web and its content are going in the near future, especially for that of video creation on YouTube.


How To Take Safe Secure Measures Online

This is a running list of services and products that you can use to help put up a wall and mitigate letting scammers getting through to you and even protect your identity. A lot of scam-baiters and cyber security experts have recommended these services and products which are outlined here.


How to become a Streamer (a.k.a Content Creators)

Interested in streaming online on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Trovo? I am kind of considering at looking into recording some educational tutorials and such since we are all still holed up in our homes these past couple of years and sort of have most of the equipment anyways. You just have to have a niche market to cater to, depending on what topic you are passionate about to be a content creator. I feel like I am a bit late to the game – no pun intended! I am not a gamer at all but do watch a lot of instructional content online. Streaming has been around for quite a long time and has been for the most part aimed at the gaming community. After watching a few streamers (that are NOT gamer related) here and there I have put together some information that I have come across and figured I would outline and share what is involved, if anyone seems to find it helpful.

Events + Conferences

Design4Drupal Boston Conference

So I attended Design4Drupal conference for the first time this year. I came to learn about this event through a member I see regularly from the BostonPHP users group that I attend monthly. This had to be one of the best design camps I have ever gone to where it was not heavily code centric and design was a core subject matter with some code examples sprinkled in here and there. Plus I did not feel intimidated around others when letting them know I was new to learning Drupal and felt very welcomed. I thought the subject matter in each session was not only informative but transferable in other web development areas outside of Drupal. Here are some of my notes and resources taken from this event from some of the session tracks I went to.


Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook

Publisher: A-Press
Author: Dan Cederholm
Year: 2005
ISBN-10: 1590593812

Web Standards are the standard technology specifications enforced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make sure that web designers and browser manufacturers are using the same technology syntax. It is important that these implementations are the same throughout the Web, otherwise it becomes a messy proprietary place, and lacks consistency. These standards also allow content to be more compatible with multiple different viewing devices, such as screen readers for people with vision impairments, cell phones, PDFs, etc. HTML, XML, and CSS are all such technologies.This book contains questions and answers on markup and style topics for Web Standards. It explores the multiple ways you can handle a situation when building with Web Standards – and the advantages and disadvantages of those methods. Additionally, each chapter goes a step further, with “extra credit” sections to give the reader extra tips and tricks based on the topic. The reader is empowered to make better decisions based on well-rounded information.

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Web Design

Online Typography (@font-face)

I love training videos that cover an array of topics in web development. When I last logged in I came across a new video series called “Web Fonts First Look” by James Williamson. I thought this series was incredibly helpful and learned a lot more about typography for the web than I think I could have from 1 or 2 books on the subject.

Throughout the video tutorial, James Williamson works on a project called Alice in Web Fonts to demonstrate various techniques in web typography. He demonstrates with a few other fonts but one in particular called JUNCTION which I thought looked really nice! (Must consider using it in a project at a later date!)

Below are some of the notes I took as well as a lot of the resources mentioned from the video lessons.