You Don’t Know JS (book series)

I have been diving into these books lately and find they are the best resource to learn Javascript from the ground up. This really prepares developers to have a greater understanding of the foundation of the language and other subsequent frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Ember and jQuery.

I came across this podcast most recently “The Web Platform” where the author of this book series dives into why he wrote these books based on his personal experiences and what he saw around in the industry and other written materials. It is definitely worth the listen!

Kyle Simpson, the author of the extremely popular “You Don’t Know JS?” book series has been a JavaScript developer for 20 years which is a long time considering JavaScript is only 24. Join us this week and witness Kyles obvious passion for the language, hear about his past experiences (like creating a compiler with PHP) and what it’s like to be part of the JS community from the beginning.

Book Series:

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