Hello world!

So this is my first post in the blog world! WordPress has been around for ages. I have read or come across many articles on it, installed it once but really never got around to actually using it. But it seems that I always bump into someone who uses it for a clients website or to display their own portfolio of work with it.

I’ve been to a few local meetings that discuss this easy-to-use CMS and I have been meaning to learn it for some time. So I figure the best way to learn the ins-and-outs for creating customized theme’s and plug-in’s is to take an active approach to it and actually use it!

My interests are all things web & design related. So from time-to-time I will post items that I have an interest in, on this blog. This also seems like a great way to write small posts of interesting information I learn along the way. It may even be beneficial for anyone who may stumble across my little blip of content looking for answers to something I my have discovered while working on a project. Or it just might be a good place to post any of my problems I encounter with programming code or design practices in hopes that someone may provide an answer for me.

One thing I definitely enjoy is attending events that are all about web technology, so I will try to blog about that information even more. Living so close to the Boston area there is a plethora of user groups to attend, network at and to access free educational material through lectures they may have.

… so hopefully more blog posts coming soon in the New Year and a custom design for this new blog of mine!

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